High current long distance DC electrical transmission battery cable 300 AMP
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Low strand count, double insulated, DC transmission cable, designed for transferring high current DC power long distances.  We use this for transmitting power long distances from wind and hydro turbines, transferring very high currents within vehicles e.g. 100's of amps 5-10 metres, and other demanding applications.  Use this cable when you need to transfer DC power with minimal voltage drop.  Maximum continuous Amp through put is 300 Amps, and 450 Amps on 60% duty cycle over 5 minutes.


Total copper cross section 50mm2.

Strand count: 20

Fire resistant and double insulated

Designed Voltage:  up to 500V

Temperature:  up to 70C

Standard: GA306:1-2007

AWG 0 / 50mm2


Pricing is per metre

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