Suntree 40A 2Pole AC Circuit Breaker OffGrid
Suntree 40A 2Pole AC Circuit Breaker OffGrid
Product Code: STCB06
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Price: $19.50
It has the IEC60947-2 standard for Industrial applications in polluted, humid. harsh and outdoor applications(not the lower current and voltage IEC60898-1 switchboard standard for clean and dry indoor use). Additionally it has SAA certification.
Model Number: SL7-63N AC breaker
Type: Moulded Case
Poles Number: 2
rated current In(A): 40A AC breaker
Rated Breaking capacity: 6kA
rated operating voltage(VDC): 415V
ambient temperature(℃): -5℃~40℃
Electrical life: Not less than 8000 times
Mechanical life: Not less than 20000 times
Dimensions: 80mm x 71mm x 35mm
Weight 0.24kg


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