36V to 12V DC Step-Down DC Converter 10A
Product Code: YPCV14
Availability: In Stock
Price: $169.00
Use this 36v to 12v DC Converter to create a 12v circuit off your 36v Battery or Powersource.  Great for 36v forkhoists and golfcarts.
Practical and portable solution to your power problems.  Compact converter in tough aluminium shell with mounting holes
Input voltage: DC 36
Output voltage: 13.8V
Output Current: 10A 
Output Power: 130W
Conversion efficiency: 90%
Dimensions: 74x74x32mm 
Weight: 0.3kg
Protection: Over-current, over-temperature, short circuit protection, Self-Recovery, Waterproof, corrosion proof, Dust-proof, Shockproof, Suitable for all kinds of harsh environments.
Comes in aluminium enclosure and heat sink
NOTE: Do not exceed 130w (10A) using this converter.

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