AC to 5v 12A DC Power Supply Great for LED lights
Product Code: YPPS22
Availability: 12 -20 Days
Price: $39.00
AC to 5v DC Switch Mode Power Supply 12A.
Great for powering DC devices such as LED strip lighting and similar.  This unit will power 300 LED lights (0.2w per LED light in a strip usually).
Voltage is adjustable via trim pot.  Two 5v terminals are provided e.g. for powering 2 separate LED strips.
Output Voltage:  5v
Output Current:  0-12A
Case:  Aluminium
Environment:  0 - 95% humidity
Operating Temperature:  0 - 40°C
Weight: 370g
Dimensions: 160 x 99 x 40 mm
We have these switchmode powersupplies in 5V, 12V, 24V at 5A, 20A, 33A and 40A sizes.


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