Temperature Digital Display Unit  *3 metre probe*
Product Code: YPMN08
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Price: $39.00
This temperature display unit with probe is suitable for measuring and displaying temperature indoors and outdoors, measuring air/water/object temperature.  Great for tracking the temperature of your batteries and electrical devices.
Supply voltage: DC 7-30V 
Measuring range: -55 to 125°C
Measurement accuracy: 0.1 °c
Dimensions: 33 x 24 x 17.5 mm
Refresh Rate: three times per second
Temperature probe: DS18B20 (Stainless steel sheath package, waterproof, anti-corrosion, high temperature)
Cable length to sensor:  3metres
Examples uses:
(1) Cars inside/outside temperature measurement
(2) Air-conditioned room inside/outside temperature measurement
(3) Refrigerator inside/outside temperature measurement
(4) Pond/Aquarium water temperature measurement
(5) Baby bath water temperature measurement
(5) Body temperature measurement
Comes with 12 month RTB Warranty


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