CARSPA 12/24V 20A ENS Solar Charge Controller
CARSPA 12/24V 20A ENS Solar Charge Controller
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ENS-20A from CARSPA  Connect up to 300 watts(@12V) / 600 watts(@24V) to your batteries.  Highly efficient charge controller that utilises pulse width modulation (PWM) for increased battery life & optimised system performance.  It features a Standby mode, when insufficient power is comming from the PV array the controller will go into standby mode until the PV array produces sufficient power.
Product Features:
• Maximum Charging Current 20A
• Power conversion efficiency >90%
• Max solar input voltage VOC > 30V / 48V
• Min solar input voltage VMP > 16V / 32V
• LCD display:  Battery charge voltage, voltage of storage battery, capacity of storage battery
• 12/24VDC Auto Detect
• Electronic Protection Functions
• Temperature compensation automatically regulates charging and discharging parameters for improved battery life
• Power from pv indication
• Dual solar input terminals
• Suitable for use with GEL, Sealed Lead Acid & Flooded Batteries
Three Stage Charger 
Stage 1: 20A
Stage 2: adjustable from 14.0 - 15.0V for 12V battery / 28.0 - 30.0V for 24V battery
Stage 3: 13.8V / 27.6V
Maximum terminal cable size: 16mm2
Maximum Current on Load Terminals:  20A
Cutoff for low voltage on load terminals: 10.4V to 11.4V adjustable for 12v battery.  / 20.8V to 22.8V adjustable for 24v battery. 
Reconnect for low voltage on load terminals: 12.2V to 13.2V adjustable for 12v battery.  / 24.4V to 26.4V adjustable for 24v battery. 
Alarm Protections: Output short circuit protection, LV protection for storage battery, PV array short circuit, PV reverse polarity, Battery reverse polarity, Over charging protection.
Self electricity consumption < 15mA
IP Protection:  Certified to IP22
Dimensions 172 x 126 x 73 mm
Weight 0.35kg

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