10A PV Solar Panel Fuse (MC4/TUV certification)
Product Code: SLFU01
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Price: $37.00
This in-line PV fuse by slocable. You need to place one of these on the positive wire on each string (row of panels in series) of solar panels.
These are the easiest fuses to install, taking less than 5 seconds. Simply snaps in place. Similarly if you ever need to change fuses the whole job takes less than a minute to open it and change.
Eliminate the need for combiner boxes in PV installations. Save time and money on installation and maintenance.
Electrical systems that convert the sun's energy into electricity are very reliable as long as they are protected properly. Any solar installation is vulnerable to fault currents or lightning strikes. Today, fuses and surge arrestors are the most effective ways of protecting the wiring and all the electrical equipment in a photovoltaic system. 
Brand: Slocable
Rated Voltage: 1000V DC 
Rated Current: 10A
Certification: TUV Rheinland

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