waveboard 5kva preinstalled Solar Board
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This is the waveboard, the preinstalled solar board from waveinverter, with cabling, breakers, fusing, and everything else that is required - all according to current New Zealand solar standards AS/NZ 5033:2014.  

All the difficult high power DC work is done allowing you to simply screw it to the wall, snap on two pair of cables ( solar cables snap into the mc4 connectors and the battery cables bolt to the bottom of the DC circuit breaker) and you are done.

Waveboards come ready for you to connect to your AC system, just wire from the bottom of the AC breaker in the junction box to your AC load or distribution board and connect the earth bar in the back of the junction box to your earth and you are done.

The preinstalled format ensures you have everything you need to get up and running without the frustration of trying to figure what else you need and trying to find and track down parts on site and save countless hours and money buying and reading solar and DC standards trying to figure out what you need to be doing.


Componentry Included

1x MustPower 48V 5KVA Solar Inverter Charger
1x Suntree PV DC SISO Isolator 
2x Suntree Offgrid AC 20A Breaker Dual Pole
1x AC Circuit Breaker Enclosure 6 Pole 
1x Suntree Offgrid DC 100A DC Dual Pole Circuit Breaker and Isolator
1x Solar Safety Label Kit
1x Five layer Plywood board 1200 x 600
1x Board Wiring, Cabling, Metal plating, Ducting & Sundries
size: 1200 x 600 x 160mm
weight: 19kg


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