1) The Seller warrants that your battery is free of defects in material and workmanship for the duration of the warranty. It does not cover damage due to abuse, neglect, misuse, fire, accident, collision, wear, explosion, freezing, theft, overcharging, alteration, improper installation, use of special additives, unauthorized attempt to repair, or failure to keep the battery properly maintained.

2) Batteries must be installed in a cool location with the correct high current cabling. The average working discharge depth must be a maximum of 20% of battery capacity. Batteries keep for standby use must keep at 13.5V – 13.8V (for Proflex Lead Carbon 13.4 – 13.7V) and once a month a maintenance charge (refloat) of 14.2-14.6v (for Proflex Lead Carbon 13.9 – 14.1V) must be applied. Batteries must be charged by a multistage battery charger designed for the battery type, with the maximum voltage applied being 14.4-14.6v on a 12v battery (for Proflex Lead Carbon 14.0 – 14.1V). If a charging voltage higher than 14.70v on a 12v battery (for Proflex Lead Carbon 14.1V) has been applied to the battery the warranty is void. If you are connecting batteries in series, it is your responsibility to ensure each battery in the series is getting the correct charging voltage.

3) A battery monitor must be installed on the system they are a part of, that records charging and discharging rates, State of Charge and History for the batteries. If no monitor installed, battery warranty period is a maximum of 1 year.

4) The warranty limited to the original purchaser only and non-transferable.

5) Batteries must be returned to YOUPOWER LTD for warranty claim. All warranty claims must be accompanied with the original invoice, receipt or order or a copy of.

6) This Pro-rata Warranty provides pro-rata credit on the product purchase price towards repair or replacement.

7) Warranty terms may be updated from time to time. By continuing to use our products you agree to be bound by any amendments made.

8) Warranty is limited to non-commercial use. For commercial use warranty period is limited to 1 Year.