Kontiki Seahorse torpedo battery cable 40cm


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These cables have been especially designed by myself for New Zealand conditions and to correct errors I have seen on cables used on fishing torpedoes I have examined.  Other cables are made with 1mm2 thick copper wire which is insufficient for the current that the torpedo motor pulls from the battery, which is up to 30 Amps continuous, the consequence is power is converted into heat in the cable and there is a huge voltage loss across the cable while under load.  Torpedo cables by waveinverter are built with 2.5mm2 thick copper cables which are designed to handle up to 35 Amps of current continuously and indefinitely, with minimal voltage loss
Just slide the Spade terminals of this cable on to your battery.  You can also solder them as well and apply a sealant onto the connection e.g. rubber , Sealastic , silicone
Length: 40cm
Battery cable is compatible with the SeaHorse Kontiki  other fishing torpedoes, and many other electrical appliances and lights

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