Dual House+Start Battery Monitor including shunt


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This unit enables you to monitor your start battery voltage and total battery activity of your auxiliary battery. We all know it is essential to monitor your starter battery and use an isolator to prevent it from being overly discharged, but it is also extremely important to know what exactly is happening with your “house power” system. This is valid for boats, 4WDs, caravans/RV’s etc., especially when running inverters and refrigeration. This fantastic dual battery monitor serves that purpose by giving you the voltage of your start battery and house battery, as well as the current  flow on your house battery – both charging and discharging. To top it off, the unit warns you via a buzzer if house battery falls below 11.5V (or over 15.5V). The display unit easily fits timber bulkheads up to 27mm thick, or sheet metal dashboards, and a 250A current shunt (75mV) is supplied which should suffice for all but the biggest installations. This product may save you a fortune from replacing damaged batteries.
Front panel dimensions: 72(W) x 65(H)mm
Mounting hole: 2″ or 52mm
Shunt dimensions: 135(L) x 30(W) x 25(H)mm
Photos of this kit here: https://flic.kr/p/p489Y4  and https://flic.kr/p/p49amp
Comes with 12 month RTB Warranty
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