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This is the Advanced Battery Monitor 90200P, providing you precise and comprehensive DC monitoring for your 12 or 24 Volt system.  It also includes an onboard relay that can be controlled by the voltage level of your batteries.  The most common use is it can operate as a low voltage disconnect, so when your batteries drop beneath a specific level (customisable) it breaks a connection (either battery connection or a load) preventing your batteries from being drained further.  
The relay is programmable on these following electrical dimensions.
Voltage too high, too low.  Current too high, Power too high, Charging too high, Discharge for too long. 
Perfect for off-grid power systems found in Motor homes, boats, solar powered homes.
LED indicates with battery and readings are discharging or charging data. Displays Volts(V), Amps(A) in one direction, Power(W), Amp-Hours(AH), running hours, battery capacity(%)
Customisable calibration settings for different battery types for accurate State of Charge (SOC) display.
Voltage measurement range:  10 – 70V
Current measurement range 0 – 200A
Sample rate 5 times per second
Accuracy 0.5%
Resolution 0.01V, 0.01A, 0.01W, 0.01Ah, 0.01H
Dimensions 79mm x 43mm x 25mm
Includes (75mV) 200Amp Shunt
Comes with 12 month RTB Warranty


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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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