12v 40A CARSPA 7 Stage Digital Battery Smart Charger

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The CARSPA 12v 40A Battery Charger with digital LED display  is designed for both mounted and loose battery charging and also remote and mobile worksite application.  It can charge conventional Flooded Lead Acid, Calcium, AGM VRLA & GEL batteries.

CARSPA  12v 40A Battery Charger Specifications:
Voltage: 12V
Maximum charge rate: 12V 40A
7 stages of charging: Desulphation, soft start, bulk, absorption, battery test, recondition and float.  Graph of what this units charging profile looks like is here:

7 stage battery charging

Input voltage range:  190 – 265V
Cooling Fan: Automatic Temperature and Load Controlled
Dimensions: 225 x 175 x 95 mm
Net Weight:  2.1 KG
Automatic protection: Overvoltage, overheat, output short circuit, reverse polarity
Battery Charger buttons
Button 1, cycles through Display modes: 1) charging voltage/voltage of battery, 2) Charging current, 3) # stage of charging cycle
Button 2,  1) Constant 12v switchmode power supply mode,  2) Battery type GEL,  3)  Battery type AGM,   4) Battery type Wet

Terminal are: eye terminals

Suitable for 12v batteries between 150AH and 700AH.
Comes with 12 month RTB Warranty


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