12V 45A Carspa DC DC Smart Charger

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This 45A DC to DC charger (including PWM Solar charging) by Carspa will charge your 12v battery from either your 12v starter battery or a solar panel.   It can charge conventional Flooded Lead Acid, Calcium, AGM VRLA & GEL and Lithium batteries.

The advanced micro-processor control and hardware based protections will only draw from the starter battery when it is over 12.9V, ensuring it is kept fully charged to always start your vehicle.


12V 45A Carspa DC DC Smart Charger Battery Charger Specifications:


12V Battery Input
Input Voltage 12.9-16 VDC
 Low voltage shut down <12.5VDC
After 2 minutes, if the voltage of charger is under 12.5V, the charger will shut off.If the voltage goes under 12.0VDC, the charger will shut off immediately
Low voltage recovery ≥13.0 VDC
 Over voltage shut down ≥15.8 VDC
Over voltage recovery ≤15 VDC
Solar Input
Input voltage 15-40V(Open circuit voltage)
Low voltage shut down ≤15 VDC
Low voltage recovery ≥15.5 VDC
Over voltage shut down ≥45 VDC
Over voltage recovery ≤44 VDC
Power of solar panel 600W Max
Output voltage 12 VDC(nominal voltage )
Output current 45A Max
Battery type GEL AGM WET Lithium / program(Custom settings)
Constant voltage 14.2 VDC 14.4 VDC 14.6 VDC 13.8-14.8 VDC(settable)
 Float charging voltage 13.6 VDC 13.8 VDC 14 VDC 13-14.2 VDC(settable)
Charging current 45A default  adjustable to 10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45A
Charging mode 3-stage

Self Recoverable from Over Temperature:  temperature>65℃, the charger will shut down; temperature <55℃, the charger will start to charge again
Cooling Fan: Automatic Temperature and Load Controlled
Dimensions: 225 x 165 x 77 mm
Net Weight:  2.1 KG

Suitable for 12v batteries between 40AH and 1200AH.

Comes with 12 month RTB Warranty


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