AODI 48v 60A Battery Charger

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AODI 48V 60A Battery Charger
The AODI Charger has a fully insulated enclosure, shock resistance and suits portable, vehicle, workshop and fixed use.  It has a battery temperature sensor for temperature compensation to battery charging.  It is fully automated giving the user a single button to initiate charging and 3 sets of LED display panels to monitor the battery charging progress and data.
AC input voltage range: 230V±10%
AC power factor correction ≥0.98
Temperature compensation: ±0.05mV/C (cardinal point: 25)
Full Load Efficiency: 83.2%-92.6%
Dielectric strength ≥2500V (10mA)/min
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ / 500V
Max noise: 60dB
Environmental Protection Standard: IP41
Shock & Vibration Standard: SAEJ1378
Operating Temperature -20C – 55C
DC terminals:  eye terminals
AC connection: Single phase 16A three pin plug
Dimensions: 310(height) x 420(long) x 230(width) mm
Weight:  14kg
Comes with 1 year RTB Warranty
Onboard Features
1.Ultra-low frequency composite pulse charging: preventing the sulphation of new batteries, removing the sulphation of old batteries
2.Intelligent temperature compensation, preventing the damage to battery caused by over charging or undercharging, greatly extending the lifespan of the battery
3.Equalization charging: Extends the lifespan of battery packs
4.Short-circuit Protection:When the charger encounters unexpected short-circuit , it will stop charging. When the fault is removed, the charger will re-start in 10 seconds
5.Thermal self-protection : When the internal temperature of the charger exceeds 75C, the charging current will reduce. If it exceeds 85C , the charger will shutdown. When the internal temperature drops, it will resume charging automatically
6.Reverse Polarity Protection:The charger automatically cuts connections
7.When the input AC voltage is lower than 180V or higher 265V, the charger will shut down protectively and automatically resume working with the voltage is in the normal range again

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