Ultipower 12V 2A Battery Smart Charger

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This 12V 2A automatic reverse pulse battery charger from Ultipower, it is an eight stage all-purpose universal charger for your scooter, golf, kontiki, caravan/RV, marine or vehicle battery. The charger can also be used to keep your vehicle battery fully charged during periods of non-use. The charger features a digital display to show charge voltage, charge current. Suitable for 12V Gel, Flooded (Calcium) and AGM battery charging.


Automatic reverse pulse desulfation chargers apply an advanced charge algorithm. The reverse pulse will maintain and equalize battery cells during the entire charge process. Unlike some normal chargers which only equalize the cells by increasing the charge voltage after the float phase, Ultipower reverse pulse chargers will lift the cell voltages that are lower than average, and lower the cells that are higher than average, thus avoiding the higher voltage that can cause overcharging and gassing, which causes irreversible damage on sealed batteries.


Ambient Temperature:  -20°C to +50°C
Charger Type:  8 stage, full automatic switch mode
Batteries:  12V lead-acid batteries
Terminals: Alligator Clamps
Dimensions:  135*90*75mm
Net Weight:  0.52KG
Protection: Reverse polarity, output short circuit, overload.
Digital Display Shows: voltage, amp flow


Perfect Charger for kontiki batteries.  Suitable for 12v batteries between 10AH and 50AH.  It can charge conventional Flooded Lead Acid, Calcium, VRLA & GEL batteries.


Reverse Pulse Technology
You can see this on the display in some of the charging stages it will charger for a few seconds and then for a few milliseconds pulse the current in the opposite direction.
1 Reducing battery internal impedance, temperature rise and gassing  (by up to 15%)
2 Restore the sulfate into liquid to recover battery capacity.
3 Maintain battery, extend battery service life. This will helps you to cut considerable costs on battery maintenance.


Once you use an Ultipower reverse pulse battery charger you will not use another type ever again.


The product manual for this unit is here: https://waveinverter.co.nz/download/Ultipower-User-Manual.pdf


Comes with 12 month RTB Warranty


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Weight 1.5 kg


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