Ultipower 24V 30A Lithium and Lead Carbon Smart Charger

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This is the CPU controlled Battery Charger from Ultipower.


Ambient Temperature:  -20°C to +50°C
Cooling:   Fan Cooling
Charger Type:  Fully automatic switch mode
Batteries:  24V lithium and lead carbon batteries
Dimensions:  260 (L) * 700 (H) * 115 (W) mm
Net Weight:  3.9 KG
Protection: Reverse polarity, output short circuit, overload.
Digital display shows: Charging stage, voltage, amp flow
Charging Voltages:  Absorption 28.0V  Float 27.0V


Suitable for 24v batteries between 70AH and 1200AH.  It can charge lithium and lead carbon batteries, it uses a common 10A plug.


Once you use an Ultipower battery charger you will not use another type ever again.


Comes with 12 month RTB Warranty


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Weight 9 kg


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