VISION 2v 2000AH Deep Cycle Battery CL2000


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VISION CL batteries are the ultimate long life span, zero maintenance, deep cycle battery available on the market.
– 20 year design life
– Extremely low self discharge rate
– Wide operating temperature range (-15℃~+45℃)
– Environmentally friendly
– Completely Maintenance-Free
– Explosion Proof
– No need of balanced charge or boost
– No Memory
They give outstanding performance to solar systems, power stations, marine equipment and stand by power systems. The battery complies with the most popular international standards, such as IEC896-2, BS6290-4 and Euro Bat Guide.
Battery Technology: Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery with Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM)
Volts: 2V
Capacity:  2000 Amp-Hours (10 Hour discharge)
Length: 490 mm
Width: 350 mm
Height: 345 mm
Weight: 132 kg
Max Charging Current: 400A
Terminal Type: Bolt M8
Sealed valve-regulated lead–acid battery (VRLA) batteries do not require regular maintenance such as addition of water to the cells, can be placed in any orientation/position and vent less gas than flooded lead-acid batteries. The reduced venting is an advantage since they can be used in confined or poorly ventilated spaces.
• Communication equipment
• Telecommunication control equipment
• Emergency lighting systems
• Electric power systems
• Power station
• Solar powered and wind powered systems
• Load leveling and storage equipment
• Marine equipment
• Power generation plants
• Alarm systems
• Uninterruptible power supplies
• Stand-by power for computers
• Medical equipment
• Fire and security systems
• Control equipment
• Stand-by electric power

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