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NOMAD POWER E2 12v deep cycle battery 9AH     UNBEATABLE FULL 5YR WARRANTY


NOMAD Batteries use the heaviest and thickest lead plates available in the battery industry. This is part of its design as a battery, to last thousands of working cycles.


The NOMAD POWER E2 12v deep cycle battery has an extreme long design life (10 years) with zero maintenance required. Created for long life high cycle application such as solar and wind powered renewable energy storage. The NOMAD POWER E2 deep cycle battery is suitable for solar and wind powered homes, TV/Radio stations and solar powered equipment. The battery can withstand  overcharge, over discharge, vibration and shocks.  It is also capable of extended storage, UPS, Standby or Cyclic Applications.


Voltage: 12v
Capacity: 9AH (100 Hours)
Terminals: F2 tabs (6.3mm wide)
Dimensions: 151mm Length x 65mm Width x 95mm Height (100mm Total Height)
Weight: 2.2kg
Technology: AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery



Battery Warranty details are here: https://waveinverter.co.nz/power/battery-warranty/


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Weight 2.5 kg


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