PROFLEX LEAD CARBON deep cycle battery is a convenient 12v slim form compact unit. Providing you with an extremely high cycle energy storage solution.

This 2nd generation Lead Carbon deep cycle battery by Proflex increases cyclic life even further than 1st generation Lead Carbon Batteries and Lithium Batteries. Unlike other Lead Carbon batteries, Proflex battery charging voltages match low voltage AGM or GEL battery setting, allowing them to be used with a widely available range of inverters and inverter chargers available.  Also Partial State of Charge (PSOC) wear is minimal.  PSOC wear, is a form of extra wear the occurs on your battery when it does not get to be charged up to 100% before being discharged again.  This is an issue with traditional Lead acid type batteries.


Over 6 times the number of working cycles compared to traditional deep cycle AGM batteries

DoD   Deep Cycle AGM    Proflex 2nd Gen Lead Carbon

30%   1500 cycles   vs  6000 cycles 4x

50%   650 cycles    vs  4000 cycles 6x

80%   375 cycles    vs  1500 cycles 4x


In of design of long life energy and solar systems our starting point using these is designing to have average of 50% DoD instead of 25% compared with deep cycle AGM. Fast charge ability allows you to safely charge Proflex batteries 2.5 times as fast as traditional Lead Acid types.


I live next to our warehouse in Kelston with my two young daughters, and would never leave a lithium battery charging overnight in the warehouse while we slept next door.  I could never recommend to my customers to have Lithium batteries in their homes and have them charge and discharge unattended.  I am very comfortable with these batteries charging close to where my children sleep and hence very happy to recommend to my customers to use in their homes and vehicles.


Battery Technology: Lead Carbon Super capacitor Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery with Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM)


Capacity:  200 Amp-Hours (100 Hour discharge)

Length: 558 mm

Width: 125 mm

Height: 328 mm

Weight: 60 kg

Max Charging Current: 120A

Terminal Type: T11  (for M8 bolts)

Absorption Stage Charging Voltage: 14.3V @ 25C

Float stage Charging Voltage: 13.6V @ 25C

Temperature compensation is: -3mV/℃/cell

Absorption stage Charging Voltage at 15C is 14.48V, at 25C is 14.3V , at 35C is 14.12V.


Additional information

Weight 63 kg


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