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This Digital LCD Thermostat Regulator Temperature Controller with 2 metre NTC Sensor offers numerous features and benefits that enables end users meet the needs of different various operations and applications. This digital temperature controller is an economical choice when it comes to several applications like food service, industrial and commercial requirements, domestic freezer, water tanks, refrigerator, industrial chiller, boiler, steamer, industrial equipments and other temperature-controlled systems, agriculture, HVAC systems, animal confinement, heating and cooling functions, home brewing, greenhouses, modulating fans and the like.
This is our most  simple to operate, best value unit.  It has stable performance, small size and intelligent control, with cooling and heating controls.
Input: 1 NTC (10K/3435) sensor; cable length: 1m
Relay capacity : 10A
power supply: 230VAC
Accuracy: ±1°C; Resolution: 1°C
Consumption: ≤3W
Cut-out size: 71×29(mm)
item size: 78*35*66mm
Ambient requirements: temperature: -10~60°C; humidity: 20~85% (No condensate)
Function Menu:
Code Function               Setting          range      Default      Unit
HC Mode option       C: refrigeration  H:heating C
D Controlling-temp. differential   1~15  3 °C
LS Lower Temp. limit -40~setting Temp. -40 °C
HS Upper Temp. limit Setting Temp.~99 99 °C
CA Temp. calibration -5~5 0 °C
PT Compressor delay 0~15 3 Min.
We have these in both 230v AC and 12v DC powered versions
Add $10 to upgrade to a 3 metre long probe and $15 for a 5 metre long probe.

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