Digital PID Temperature Controller with SS-Relay


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This listing includes:
REX-C100 PID Controller
K type Thermocouple Sensor
40A External Solid State Relay
If you current flow though your relay is over 12A you must use a heatsink on the Solid State relay. This listing includes the optional to add a heatsink to your order.
This is our highest performance unit. It has stable performance, small size and intelligent control, with cooling and heating controls. It is the best choice when temperature needs to be tightly controlled in applications like food service, industrial and commercial requirements, domestic freezer, water tanks, refrigerator, industrial chiller, boiler, steamer, industrial equipment,agriculture, HVAC systems, animal confinement, heating and cooling functions, home brewing, greenhouses etc
Model: REX-C100
Size 48x48mmx100mm  (1/16 DIN)
Measuring accuracy: 0.5%
Sampling cycle: 0.5 Sec
Both Cooling and Heating Control
Inbuilt Relay: Solid State Relay Control
Proportional band (P): 0~full range (ON/OFF control when set to 0)
Integral time (I): 0~3600 sec (No integral action when set to 0)
Derivative time (D): 0~3600 sec (No derivative action when set to 0)
Alarm output: 1 line output, 7 kinds of alarm mode: high/low/high deviation/low deviation/interval/out of interval/breakage alarm
Process value (PV), Setting value (SV)
Output, alarm and self-tuning can be indicated by: LED
PIN control (including ON/OFF, step-type continuous PID)
Self-tuning control


Sensor: K Type
Attachment: M6 bolt
Total Length: 1m.  Upgrade to 5m probe $21.
Temperature Range 0C – 400C


Solid State Relay: SSR-40 DA
Long service life and high reliability
Fast switching
Reduced electromagnetic interference
Output voltage: AC 24-380V
Output current: 40A
Size: 6.2 x 4.5 x 2.3cm
Spec sheet here:
Manual here:


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