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12V MUSTPOWER PRO 3000w pure sine wave inverter with charger


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This is our top of the line 3000 watt pure sine wave inverter with build in charger(75A for 12V/ 45A for 24V) from MUSTPOWER , it is the latest upgraded version of their inverter charger range, featuring new design, improved efficiency and option for remote display.


It charges your batteries in 4 distinct stages, minimising charging time and maximising battery life.  It has battery selector switch, for optimising charging of 7 different types of batteries e.g. USA Gel, Euro Gel, Lead Acid. And includes a de-suphanisation mode as well.


It connects with terminal strip type power connector, designed for transferring very high amounts of current safely.  And also has a single three pin AC socket for conveniently connecting appliances with a plug straight into it.


Our customers have used these for marine, solar electricity, home and caravan, camping, field technician applications.


It is CPU controlled and includes UPS function so for example when you moor your boat and plug into shore power, it will power your boat directly, without having to convert the power from AC to DC and then back to AC, saving you wear on the inverter and not wasting any power.  It consumes less than 20w of power while idle when powersave mode is activated.


You have the option of controlling remotely, making it more convenient to operate. You can place the switch where you want it.  It is connected to the unit by the 5m communications cable included.  For this please choose the remote switch option.


Remote Switch accessory is available.


Model number: 

Continuous power output:

Surge power:


Output waveform:

Battery Charger: 

Input voltage range:

Line transfer time:





9000W for 20seconds

> 88%

Pure Sine Wave at 230V

75A(12v)  45A(24v) Battery charger is adjustable to 100%/75%/50%/25% of the maximum charge rate



by LCD Display and audio alarm



Circuit breakers providing automatic protection against overload and short circuit.
-ISO 9001 compliant
-Industrial grade


The package includes:
1) 3000w pure sine wave inverter charger
2) Instruction manual


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Weight 25 kg

1 review for 12V MUSTPOWER PRO 3000w pure sine wave inverter with charger

  1. Allan

    Bloody good bit of kit – three years constant operation and no issues

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