MIDEA INDUSTRIAL HEC2 Solar Residential Energy System 6kw 10.2kwh


Additional 5.1kwh Midea battery


I would like to introduce you to the latest MIDEA INDUSTRIAL HICONICS HEC2 6KW Solar Residential Energy System
The MIDEA INDUSTRIAL HEC2 combines the functions of  Off Grid Inverter, On Grid Inverter, AC Charger, Solar Charger and UPS into one extremely efficient unit, with stackable Lithium battery.

It is compliant to the new New Zealand standards IEC 62109-1, 62109-2 and  AS4777.2.  Full standards list below.


Technical Data HEC2-S6.0Hr2
PV Input
Max.PV array power[W] 3750
Max.DC voltage[V] 600
Nominal DC operating voltage[V] 360
MPP voltage range[V] 100-480
MPP voltage range for nominal power[V] 210-480
Start up voltage[V] 120
Max.input current(A/B)[A] 15/15
Max.short circuit current(A/B)[A] 18/18
No.of MPP tracks/String per MPP trackers 2/1
Battery voltage range[V] 85-400
Battery voltage range for nominal power[V] 250-400
Recommended battery voltage[V] 300
Max.charge/discharge current[A]*2 25/25
Communication interfaces RS485/CAN
Reverse connect protection Yes
AC Grid Side(On-grid)
Nominal AC output power[W] 6000*1
Max.Output Power(W) 6000*1
Nominal grid voltage[V] / Grid Voltage Range[V] 230/220  /  180-280
Nominal grid frequency[Hz] 50/60
AC Grid Frequency Range (Hz) 45-65
Max. output AC current to Utility Grid[A] 26.1
Max. AC Current From Utility Grid (A) 26.1
Max.output overcurrent protection[A] 32.6@10sec
Max.output fault peak current[A] 52@0.1ms
Inrush Peak current[A] 65@5us
Power factor ~1 (Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging)
I.THD[%] <3@Rated power
EPS Side
Back-up Nominal Apparent Power(VA) 6000
Nominal power[W] 6000
Nominal output voltage[V] 230(±2%)
Nominal output frequency[Hz] 50/60(±0.2%)
Max.output current[A] 26.1
Max.output overcurrent protection[A] 32.6@10S
Max.output fault peak current[A] 52@0.2mS
Inrush peak Current(A) 65@5uS
Changeover time[ms] <20
Switching from Grid Connected
Mode to Standalone Mode[ms]
Switching from standalone mode to
network connected mode[s]
Output THD[%] <3@Linear Load
MPPT efficiency[%] 99.9
Euro efficiency[%] 97.02
Max.efficiency[%] 97.6
Battery charge/discharge efficiency[%] 97.6(PV-BAT),96.5(BAT-AC)
Ingress protection IP65
Protection class Class Ⅰ
Pollution degree PD3
Over voltage category Ⅲ(MAINS),Ⅱ(DC)
Operating temperature range[℃] -20~+60(derating at +45)
Max.operation altitude[m] <2000
Humidty 0-100%
Clooling Method Natural  Convection
User Interface LED,APP
Communication method CAN/RS485/WLAN
Typical noise emission[dB] <40
Dimension(W*H*D)[mm] 800*450*160
Weight[KG] 32
Topology Non-isolated
Self-consumption at Night (W) <15
Storage Temperature (℃) -40~+85
Compliance IEC/EN 62109-1&2, IEC62477,IEC61000-6-1, IEC61000-6-3,IEC60529,IEC60068,IEC61683,EN50549-1,G99,CEI021,VDE4105,AS4777.2
*1:The grid feed in power for VDE4105 is limited 4600VA;
*2:Battery charging current is limited 25A and power is limited 6000W.
Comes with 12 month RTB Warranty


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Weight 16 kg


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