NOMAD NPS 500w 12v pure sine wave inverter

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NOMAD NPS inverter units are designed for all Mobile, Marine and fixed site installations. .  We supply NOMAD units to the New Zealand Navy (defence force supplier id NZ008725), Solar and Wind Powered homes, Fisher and Paykel, Coast Guard (proud sponsors of the Maraetai unit), marine fleets and a number of manufacturers where they get fitted into work and pleasure vehicles.

The new NPS model inverter is a ground up redesign suitable for all applications. It features improved shielding for reduced EMI, improved ability to handle load surges and ability to connect earth fault protection for increased electrical safety.  The best option in the 500w inverter category.

NOMAD NPS 500W model Specifications:
Power: 500W Pure Sine Wave
CPU controlled system, performance and cooling fans
High efficiency  90%
Dimension (L*W*H): 22*15*6cm
Weight 1.6 kg
Automatic protection:
-Low Battery Alarm
-Earth Fault Protection
-Low/High Battery Voltage shutdown
-Over load shut down
-Over heating shut down
-Short circuit protection
-LED information and warning lights


Your package includes:
1) 500w NOMAD NPS inverter
2) battery cables
3) Instruction manual
Comes with 12 month RTB Warranty


The product manual for this unit is here:


Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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