PROSTAR 12/24V 20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller


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This is the PRTC-2024E  PROFLEX from PROSTAR, it uses the latest Continuous Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, which seeks out the maximum power available from a solar array.  Voltage stepdown converter to be able to convert high PV voltages down to lower battery voltages of 12 and 24 volts.  Connect up to 290 watts(@12V) / 580 watts(@24V) to your batteries.


Maximum Charging Current 20A
MPPT Conversion efficiency>98%
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage of Solar Module Range 100V
Maximum Peak Power Voltage of Solar Module Range 72V
Minimum Solar Voltage  Battery voltage +2V
Select battery type: Lead Acid or Lithium
Three Stage Charger: Bulk, Absorption , Float.  Float and Absorption voltages are adjustable 9-17V.  Battery Charging Equalize available setable 0 – 180 mins
LCD display:  PV Voltage, PV Amp rate, Battery voltage, Battery charge current, voltage of storage battery, Load current, Load Energy consumption logging,


Maximum Current on Load Terminals:  20A
Cutoff for low voltage 10.6VDC/21.2 VDC adjustable 9 to 17V
Low voltage recovery 12.2VDC/24.4 VDC adjustable 9 to 17V
Load terminals are setable to automatically come on for a specified number of hours after sunset, and also if needed, off at sunrise.


PV array short circuit, PV reverse polarity, Output short circuit protection, LV protection for storage battery,   Battery reverse polarity, Over charging protection, Battery over discharge, Load Short circuit, Load overload, Over temperature


Self electricity consumption < 15mA
Cable terminal size up to 16mm2
Dimensions 220 x 154 x 52 mm
Weight 1.0kg


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Weight 3.4 kg


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