Carspa CP 20A 12v/24v Solar Controller


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If you have solar panels and a 12v or 24v battery stack then this is the solar controller you need and will charge batteries at up to 20A.


Product  features 
Will automatically reduce charging current if temperature gets too high
Automatic detection of voltage 12v or 24v
PWM control
Multistage charging technology
Load disconnection depending on battery voltage
Automatic load reconnection
Twin USB charger 5v 2.1A
Temperature compensation


Battery voltage, PV charge current, DC load discharge current, total charge Ah, total discharge Ah, the setting of constant voltage charging, the setting of low
voltage cut off, the setting of low voltage recovery


Electronic  protection functions 
Overcharge protection
Deep discharge protection
Reverse polarity protection
Short circuit protection
Overvoltage protection at module  input
Reverse current protection at night
Over temperature and overload  protection
Battery overvoltage shutdown
Positive ground (optional)
Over temperature shutdown


Compliant with European Standards  (CE)
ROHS compliant


Characterisation of the operating performance

System voltage

12V / 24V

Own consumption


DC input side

Open circuit voltage solar module

<40V  (12v)    <55V  (24v)

Module current


DC output side

Load current


Absorption stage charging

Adjustable 14.0v through to 15.0v  14.4v default (x2 for 24v system)

Float stage charging

13.7v (x2 for 24v system)

Temperature compensation -3 mv/℃

Low voltage disconnect

Adjustable 10.4v through to 11.4v  11.0v default  (x2 for 24v system)

Low voltage recovery

Adjustable 12.2v through to 13.2v  12.8v default  (x2 for 24v system)

Operating conditions

Ambient temperature


Fitting and construction

Terminal size

10m㎡ – AWG8

Degree of protection

IP 22


138 x 81 x 36mm




Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg


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