Midnite Classic Solar 150 Charge Controller


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The Classic Lite MPPT Charge Controller from Midnite Solar substantially increases the flexibility, features and range currently found on MPPT controllers.
Input Voltage: 150 Volt maximum +HyperVOC
Solar / Wind / Hydro Modes
Ground Fault Protection
Maximum Battery Charging rates @12V 96A   @24V 94A   @48V 86A
Connectivity    Ethernet, USB, RS232 and Internet
Remote and local displays possible
Up to 380 days of daily data logging, which can be viewed on your PC via the local network.
Dimensions 378 x 151x 102mm
Weight 5.1kg
HyperVOC Technology affords more voltage headroom than any other charge controller. In clear cold weather, your solar panels may possibly output higher voltages than usual, which can exceed the voltage capacity of your controller. HyperVOC Technology will provide added protection during these clear cold weather conditions. No other MPPT charge controller offers protection from exceeding the voltage capacity. In fact, most manufacturers will actually void your controller’s warranty if the voltage capacity has been exceeded. 
The Classic Lite has six easy-to-read LED lights that indicate its mode of operation. They include current limit, ground fault, bulk, absorption, float, equalize and resting. Its user friendly dip switches can be used to select the appropriate voltage for your battery banks.
The Classic Lite also allows for 380 days of daily data logging, which can be viewed on your PC via the local network.
The Midnite Classic 150 Lite is nearly identical to the Classic 150, except it does not have a Mid-Nite Graphics Panel, instead it can be programed with dip switches, or over a network.
The Midnite Classic Lite can be upgraded to add the graphic display panel (MNGP) that comes with the standard classic and can be used in conjunction with existing LED panels. If the Lite is networked with a standard Classic, the MNGP on the standard Classic can be used to program the Lite.
Warranty Info: Midnite Solar’s Classic comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

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