1KW 48V Horizontal Wind Turbine


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Wind is the perfect complement to solar to allow you to have sufficient energy generation all year round.  Wind is strongest in winter when solar generates less and generally peoples energy consumption is higher.

This kit works best with 48v batteries, for maximum effiency use our Mppt Turbine Charge Controller here

It’s twisted aerofoil blade design allows high efficiency energy capture from slow moving air (Cp>0.36) allowing significant energy capture in all wind conditions.
Combination of Electromagnetic braking and aerodynamic braking maximizes energy capture by extending turbine’s operating speed range into higher and lower wind speed which are missed by the old style wind turbines. This power curve generated by wind tunnel testing indicated that the blade aerodynamics braking system starts to take effect from 14-15m/s in wind speed, this causes the rotor RPM to be limited within wind turbines rated maximum RPM at even higher wind speeds.  This allows the turbine to run safely in very high wind speeds ensuring you get great generation even in the worst of weather.


Maximum Power 1050W
Energy Production  Approx 175 kWh/month at 5.5 m/s
Optimal Operating Environment  Moderate to High Wind Speed
Rotor Diameter 2.4m
Net weight 30kg
Gross weight 37kg 
Noise Level <20 dB (5m behind turbine @5m/s gusting)
Blades Quantity 3
Rated Voltage   48V
Blade Material  Nylon fiberglass reinforced composite
Rated rotation speed 750rpm
Start-up Wind Speed 2.4m/s
Cut-in Wind Speed 3m/s
Survival Wind Speed 40m/s (144kph)
Tower connection Flange connection
Strong wind protection mode electromagnetic brake, blades aerodynamic brake


User manual is here


Turbine Assembly video here


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Weight 70 kg